Car accident? Now what...

19 Dec 2016

Any car accident, big or small can leave you feeling anxious and in shock. Often in a panic we forget to collect vital information that will be required when you lodge your claim. If you were hit by a third party this information is required to ensure your excess is waived when placing a claim.Below is a quick guide to assist you in the moments after an accident.

Check to see if anyone is hurt, both the passengers in your vehicle and in any other vehicle that was involved. If anyone is injured, dial 111 for Ambulance & Police assistance.

Exchange details with other drivers involved:

- Full name 
- Address & phone number
- Car registration - this is very important
- Insurance company details
- If there were any witnesses it is a good idea to get their contact details 

Remember that it is your responsibility to clear up any broken glass and remove any other debris from the road.

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