Summer Flooding

16 Jan 2018

It was a wet and stormy start to 2018 for most of the country, and insurers are advising affected consumers to get in touch with their brokers and/or insurance companies as soon as possible.

Take pictures of any flooding or weather-related damage – this will help your insurer with their assessment when you make a claim,” said ICNZ, chief executive Tim Grafton“If property you’ve already photographed receives further damage, take more photos. This is especially important if you need to move damaged or contaminated goods from your house for health and safety reasons.”

Photos of damaged property will help speed up the assessments and claims process. Keep any damaged items that don’t pose a health and safety risk, and don’t drive your vehicle if it has suffered water damage.

“New Zealand needs to plan and adapt in ways that will reduce the impact of natural disasters – because every dollar spent in pre-disaster adaptation measures saves many more after an event.”

Source: Insurance Business Mag



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