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We provide an extensive range of commercial insurance policies to help you protect your business interests. We can provide tailored cover for sudden and accidental physical loss or damage to your buildings, plant, tools, vehicles, machinery, contents and stock. We also provide business interruption and liability insurance. Whether you are a large corporate, an SME or sole trader we have the right protection for you.


Public Liability insurance covers you for your legal liability to pay for damage to property or personal injury arising out of your business operations, and includes reimbursement for approved legal defence costs. 

Statutory Liability insurance covers your business and your employees for defence costs, fines and penalties for unexpected and unintentional breaches of certain New Zealand Acts of Parliament.  

Employers Liability provides financial compensation that you as an employer are liable to pay for workplace injuries such as personal injury, gradually occurring diseases, mental injury or anguish, if the employee is not covered by ACC.

Professional Indemnity Insurance protects professionals against financial loss due to advice given.  It also covers legal defence costs for these events.

Directors and Officers Liability insurance covers officers of clubs and companies for financial losses caused by their actions (or acts of omission) to the business.


We are passionate about farming and know and understand the farming requirements of our  local farming community. So if it is a Dairy Farm, Goat, Sheep or Beef we have a package that can suit your needs.  We also provide specific packages for Farm Owners, Share Milkers and Contract Milkers.  We can protect you for your Farm Buildings, Plant, Farm Vehicles, Tractors and Machinery, and Farmers Liability Insurance. 

Please call our office today to speak to our experienced team members about your rural insurance.

Personal Insurance

We can provide comprehensive cover for your domestic insurance needs including your home, contents, vehicles, caravans, boats, and jet skis. By protecting these assets it will give you the peace of mind to know that should anything sudden and accidental occur, you will have cover to repair or replace them.

Home Insurance

Home insurance covers you for sudden and accidental damage. This can range from flooding and storm damage, to impact damage from vehicles or machinery. We offer several levels of cover, including cover for rental properties, and give you options to suit your needs.

Contents Insurance 

Contents insurance covers your personal belongings, including furniture and jewellery, for sudden and accidental loss such as burglary or physical damage. We have a range of policy options, from comprehensive cover with replacement on most items, to basic policies such as indemnity, or second hand value policies. 

Motor Insurance

Motor vehicle insurance covers your private vehicles such as your car, motorbike or trailer. And you have the option of choosing the cover for your vehicle. 

  • Full cover provides protection for damage to your car and your liability for damage you cause to third parties.
  • Third party fire and theft covers your liability for damage you cause to third parties, and also fire and theft of your car.
  • Third party only covers your liability for damage you cause to third parties, but does not provide any cover for your car.

We can also provide cover for ‘high risk’ drivers and cars, so whether you have had a number of previous convictions or accidents, or have a highly modified car, we can find the perfect solution for you. 

We have long established relationships with a number of the leading insurance companies in the market, therefore have the ability to offer you a number of competitive policy options. 


Travelling for leisure or business, we are here to help. Make it easier on yourself with travel insurance. We can provide comprehensive travel insurance for loss of luggage, medical expenses, disrupted travel costs, costs of cancelled travel due to events beyond your control, and liability while you are overseas. 

Relocatable Houses

Buying or moving your relocatable home? We can make the entire procedure of insurance a simple process for you. We can provide you with the most competitive package for insurance for the house itself, insurance whilst in storage and transit, and contract works insurance while the works are being completed.

Classic Vehicles

We can insure your classic vehicles and offer comprehensive policies from a number of specialist insurers for your classic vehicles with highly competitive premiums. We can offer a policy to suit your needs, whether it is for your classic car, motorbike, dedicated competition vehicle, or road race rally car, for full cover, or restoration, we make sure the cover is right for you.  

Life and Health

The death or serious illness of you or your partner would be hard enough for your loved ones to deal with. The purpose of life cover is to protect those you leave behind and lessen the financial strain that they may experience at a very difficult time. 

We work alongside Steven Marsden from Lime Group, who is a highly experienced insurance advisor in this sector. 

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