Make a Claim

Our claim experts are here to help when you need to make a claim. We work with the insurers on your behalf to keep the process quick and straightforward - saving you time and helping to achieve the best possible outcome.

To lodge a claim you can simply complete an online claim form which will send the details directly to our claim experts who will then get in touch with you.  If you would prefer to speak to someone we can lodge your claim over the phone or go over it all face to face in our office - the choice is yours!

Claim Information

To assist you at claim time we have included a few claim guidelines to get you started. This isn't a full comprehensive list for all insurance claims so if in doubt please contact us. We're here to help!


When to notify us of a claim or possible claim

You should report any loss that may result in a claim as soon as possible. If you think there might be a possible claim you are best to report it or contact us to discuss the details. Even if you don't have all the information required, we can still get the process started at our end.

This can be done by:

Completing an online claim form
Phoning or visiting our office

Motor Vehicle - Windscreen 

Most windscreen repair claims can be completed without a claim form. Simply contact our office to obtain your insurance details and an approved repairers in your area. You may need to book your vehicle in with the repairer who will forward the invoice directly to the insurer for payment. In most cases there will be no excess payable by you which we can confirm with you when you contact us. 


Motor Vehicle Claims

If your vehicle is involved in an accident we recommend lodging a claim online or contacting our office as soon as reasonably possible. If the vehicle is unable to be driven it may need to be towed to the nearest repairer who can assess the damage and report back to us and the insurer with an estimated cost to repair.

Sometimes an assessor/loss adjuster may be appointed to your claim. It is their job to work alongside the insurer to inspect damage, determine the cause and estimate repair costs on their behalf.

Club Auto Claims

If your policy is with Club Auto the claim process is slightly different. If you need to lodge a windscreen or vehicle claim we recommend calling our office to speak to a claims expert who can help you with the correct procedure based on the type of claim you need to make. Club Auto have specialised claim forms for their claims and do not accept claims lodged via the online portal.


Property Damage

For minor damage to your property - take photos of the damage and secure the property to prevent further damage. To lodge a claim, our online claim form can be completed here or you can contact our office to lodge the claim.

For major damage to your property - contact us immediately to get advice.  


Burglary & Theft

Claims of this nature need to be reported to the police who will often give you instructions based on the details of the incident. If a mess has been left by the intruder, take photos before tidying up and securing the premises. If there has been a forced entry you may require a builder or glazier to secure the premises temporarily which is often covered by the insurer. We will require a copy of the police report or police file number and a list of items taken to accompany your claim form.