Electrical safety inspections

15 October 2020

Electrical fires represent a large number of fire losses and often these are large scale fire incidents. Many fires are caused by loose electrical connections, weakened insulation and poor maintenance.
Here in NZ, business owners and operators have a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment under the Heath and Safety Legislation which includes electrical regulatory obligations.

All electrical installations deteriorate with age and use so it is important that they are inspected and tested periodically.

If you are a business owner, farmer or commercial landlord we highly recommend that you have one carried out and repeat this process every 1-4 years depending on the result of your inspection.

Electrical safety inspections are carried out by a qualified electrical inspector or electrician and are available in 3 different levels of inspection all of which should be accompanied by a report:

  • Basic visual inspection
  • Visual inspection & limited testing
  • Visual inspection & full testing

NZI have put together a list of 10 Good Reasons to have an Electrical Safety Inspection which you can read here.

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