5 and a half hours to go...

26 August 2021

On Tuesday 17th August 2021, New Zealanders heard the news they were heading into a Level 4 lockdown at 11.59pm that evening.

Buzz Latham had recently purchased a new boat but realised he might not be able to pick it up before the lockdown commenced as he hadn’t arranged his insurance cover yet.  Buzz decided to try his luck and called his Insurance Broker Rhiannon Wharepapa with only 5 and a half hours to go before lockdown.

Buzz left a message with Rhiannon.  Rhiannon was in a supermarket in Tauranga making a last minute pre-lockdown dash to get supplies.  Rhiannon called Buzz back within a few minutes and gathered all the information she needed. She then told Buzz to hit the road up to Auckland to collect his boat.  By the time Buzz arrived at the boat yard the insurance cover was in place and it had all been emailed direct to the company by Rhiannon.  Buzz was able to make it home before 11.59pm towing his new boat.

Buzz and Maria Latham were so impressed by Rhiannon’s service especially since it was after hours and on the eve of a Level 4 Lockdown; “It’s great to see that your team really do care about your customers.  I would like to say a really big thanks from myself and my wife Maria to Rhiannon for making this happen.  You have one very happy customer here!”


Buzz and Maria Latham

26th August 2021

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