Storm Preparation for Your Boat

13 Feb 2018

A cyclone is an extreme weather event, but most marinas will experience a storm event of some kind, at some time with the potential to cause millions of dollars of damage in a short amount of time.

During a storm the most common types of damage comes from:

  • Boats hitting each other
  • Vessels mooring lines breaking
  • High winds damaging covers and clears
  • Sails becoming unfurled and tearing
  • Unsecured property blowing away
  • Broken windows
  • Internal flooding
  • Damage to electronics
  • Damage to motors

Marinas themselves can sustain damage from loose boats that may result in major structural damage to piers and pontoons. The right preparation can help to minimise damage and reduce unnecessary inconvenience and expense for boat owners and marina operators and time spent fixing damage rather than enjoying the pleasures of boating.

The choice is either to prepare, or repair. If a vessel sinks it might be a total loss and for those that have spent many years searching for the right boat or growing attached to it, the loss can be devastating. Repairs can take time which means time off the water and missing out on using it. There may also be a cost to the owner for excess associated with the claim.

Assume the worst, prepare for the storm to hit you directly and be prepared for it to arrive quicker than expected. If a major storm is due to arrive on Wednesday, you can be almost certain that the weather will not be good on Monday and Tuesday.

Monitor the weather situation using services like the

  • Club Marine App or Bureau of Meteorology website.
  • Prepare as early as possible
  • Expect heavy winds and rainfall both before and after the storm

Click here for a full preparation checklist.

Source: Club Marine

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