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We understand insurance can be tricky. Here are some common questions that we've noted for you.

Our FAQs

Here are the answers to some of our most popular questions. Still feel like we haven’t answered your question? Contact us.

What does an Insurance Broker do?

An insurance broker is the middle man between the insurer and you. We analyze client needs, research the market, and negotiate with insurance companies to find the best coverage at the best price. When it comes to claims time, we read the fine print so you know what you're entitled to.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We work with premium funders to provide these. Let your broker know you'd like to go on a payment plan and they can organise this for you.

Do you deal with insurers like AMI, AA, or State?

No, AMI, AA, and State are direct insurers only.

Why is my sum insured not the one we agreed on?

When we send a summary of your policies, and your sum insured does not look like the one you agreed on, this is because we send you the GST exclusive sum insured. The price should be your agreed sum insured price, without 15% (GST).

What limit do I need to note on my jewellery?

Most of the policies we sell have a limit per item of $5,000, and any item worth over this value needs to be specified on your insurance policy and an additional premium paid. Direct insurers usually have lower limits, so it pays to check your policy.

Are my E-bikes covered?

Most policies we sell have a limit of $5,000, and any bikes/e-bikes worth over this value need to be specified on your insurance policy and an additional premium paid. However not every insurer is the same, so please check your policy or ask your broker.

What's the difference between an Insurance Broker and a Direct Insurer?

An insurance broker represents the client. We find the best policies for you, compare the prices at renewal time, and are the ones who advocate for you at claims time. When you are insured through a direct insurer, you are the one researching your own policies, comparing policies, and contacting insurance companies yourself. This means you will be dealing with the insurer directly and you may experience call centres, delays, and being on hold. Getting insurance through a direct insurer means you would not have the experience and advocacy that you would have with one of our team.

What is your Claims Process?

When you have a claim to make, contact your broker or visit our claims page to fill in the online claims form yourself. After a claims form has been submitted, this will be sent to our claims team.

What is Market Value?

Market value is the current price at which an asset, product, or service can be bought or sold in the market. It's determined by supply and demand dynamics and reflects what someone is willing to pay for it. Market value can fluctuate based on factors such as economic conditions, changes in demand, and perceptions of value.

What is the difference between burglary and theft?

Burglary refers to violent and forceful entry or exit from a locked building, theft is where an item is taken and there is no signs of forced entry (i.e shoplifting, or goods being stolen whilst not locked away). Ram raiding is classed as burglary as this requires violent and forceful entry).

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